Saturday, May 9, 2009

More "Bittersweet" notes

I'm about to begin laying tracks for two of the tracks for the called " Cold", the other titled "Broken". Before I do, I thought that I would share something to anyone that takes the time to read my ramblings... :-)

One of the approaches that we are taking to the making of this record is to not make it perfect. In other words, mistakes are not necessarily a bad thing. A few glitches here and there are human and real. In the old days, everything needed to be tracked perfectly...or at least the very best you could at that time. With this CD, I am just trying to present the songs as organically and real as possible. So when you listen closely on the final product, you will hear imperfections. This is intentional, and I feel, much more real.

I also want to mention that Andre Maquera is doing an incredible job producing this project. He has keen sense as to where each song is going, and then taking that direction and making it fit in with the rest of the songs. Just thought that I would mention that! :-)


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